Kitchen Towel Pure Linen


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Art.-no. M79438
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Product details

100% linen

unobtrusive embroidered

4-sided seamed with 2 hangers

50 x 70 cm

The kitchen towels of the brand MEYER-MAYOR are made from precious material and impress by a long service life. Colour as well as the natural linen structure retain after many wash cycles.

The linen kitchen cloths are produced from pure sturdy linen of long fibers in warp and weft. We get the positive features of natural fibers being absorbent, hardwearing and carefree, without any additional chemical treatment.

Because of the upmarket, pre-bleached linen yarn, the cloth dries nearly fuzz-free. Therefore, pure linen kitchen cloth is in particular recommended for glasses and mirrors.

It is no deficiency when the measurements of the new product deviate +/- 3%. Small colour deviations of different deliveries might be caused by production technology or by the material. Neither measurement nor colour deviations of different deliveries are cause for notice of defects.

dyed – woven – sewed

100% EU

Care advice

Optical brighteners can change the colours. That is why we recommend detergents without optical brighteners. Gentle drying with the tumbler is possible.

For the sake of our environment: Wash at low temperatures, without optical brighteners and dry in the air.